With love and respect for the most feminine

How is your relationship?

With your cunt?

The answer to that question will probably also tell something about how you feel as a woman, and how your relationship is to yourself.

Maybe you react to the word cunt? If you do and if that reaction awakes something negative. Ask yourself why? To me, using that word, is an act of love respect for a woman who owns her sexuality, her sex and also can feel a connection to the divine Goddess - in her self.
If that is something that appeals to you - read more, below. And
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Thank you for the privilege and the confidence you have given me.
Beside being an artist I also work as a therapeut and a coach. One of my special fields is helping women to find their self esteem, their ability to enjoy life, accepting their bodies and sexuality. And to take more space in their own lives.

One of the most common motives amongst the women who has been vaginarts-models is, that the experience of being a model is a step towards becoming more loving towards their bodies and their own cunts. Accepting her self as a whole women. Some of the women has been sexually abused or have lived with a lot of shame during their lives. And the decision of being a Vaginarts- model has been a major step towards healing, towards accepting them selves as women and as sexual beings.

Here you can see the
drawings one of my clients did during her process from a life in shame and holding back - to a life where she has taken back her life, gone through a divorce, found a new partner and enjoys her body and sexuality. And as a bonus she can use the knowledge she gained in the process and be a role model in her own network. Showing that change is possible.

Other reasons to model are, just for fun, political, a gift to a lover or to herself. But the main reason is the need to accept and to be a whole person.

The process
The work we do starts with you, the present and how you experience life in terms of challenges, fear, ideas and behaviour. From that point your journey starts and we will do what ever it takes. If you feel like you would like to talk to one of my clients before you make a decision. Let me
hear from you and I will help you to connect.

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