With love and respect for the most feminine

Welcome to see my artwork.

First of all I want to thank all the women who have given me the privilege to have you as models. I am very grateful, and I bow to all of you.

This is more than work of art - it’s a statement!
I also want to give you my perspective, something to think about when you enjoy the artwork. Not to long ago , in Medellin, Colombia, I was part of an interesting talk about my ideas, work and art. Shame became a major object, and very often connected to sexual violence against women. And I have been diving in to shame a lot - during my whole life, and specially during my work with Vaginarts. I have met my own and the shame of others. And I have learned a lot about it. Learned how much bad it has been doing and is doing. And the good news is that we can change.

So I suddenly realized that I would want to use the ”stir” my art can create - to make people more aware over the sexual violence against women, and what it does to us. Because it effects us all - even me as a white man. It creates fear, stigma, manipulation, shame, lies…

I want to say to the perpertrados: She is also someones daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend - just like the ones you have.

And to the rest of us: read/hear the voices from the women. Her experience ot the assault, if she survives, can be totally devastating. And the effects are much bigger than the actual assault. It creates fear of shame, fear of what others might say, not being politically correct.

In Sweden, where they do good research, the women are feeling more fear. And sexual violence is certainly a major explanation. Its also about what happens after, and how it effects her and her surroundings.

What I want to do, is to increase love and respect for women, women's sexuality and especially their genitals. Her vulva and vagina, the source to so much magic and love. And in that we can connect to something deeper, a respect towards the female principle in life. And thats where life comes together - the creation, the birth, the love, the mystery, the source.
I find it hard to imagine a better symbol of life - because all living things pass through her ​​pussy, her yoni, her cunt - or what ever word you prefer.
In this spirit I have started exploring the possibility to create a project that uses art to create awareness, more presence, understanding and respect. It´s sticking out my neck a bit. Stepping in to an area where it so easy to get misunderstood - because it connected with our own fear of shame… You can read more about it, but at the moment it´s only in Swedish. A short translation to english is on its way. Of course spanish and later also german.

And if you are someone who would like to participate in one way or an other - contact me - and we will see what happens.

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Alexander is an artist, therapist and sexsibilitycoach. Does workshops, trainings and individual sessions.
Here I will mostly use the word CUNT - because it’s a beautiful word. It’s a word that many of my fellow humans use in a negative way. I want to turn that around - to stand up and and say: There is nothing negative to be called cunt. On the contrary!
And if someone uses the word in a negative way - it's most likely a sign that the person needs to deal with her/his problems.
By using the word cunt, I also contribute to reclaim the word as something beautiful and positive.

With Vaginarts I want to show my love , curiosity , awe and respect. And hopefully be able to shed some of that attitude, instead of the blanket of shame that usually covers that part of the womans body.
With Vaginarts I want to provoke thoughts , reflections and discussions on how we, as individuals , as a group, as a society and culture relate to something that is so obvious - but still not accepted as something normal and present.

I hope to encourage more women to love themselves because they are women and because they have a cunt. A cunt that can contribute to life, enjoyment and to magic in life.
I hope to encourage more of humanity to love and respect women - because they are the carrier of humanity’s connection to life itself. To our future….

PS. Yes I know that the Vagina is the birth channel. But the name Vaginarts sounded nice, and in general people refer to the outer part of the female sex as the vagina. Next website will be Vulvarts DS

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