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It is a very special experience. For some of my models, it starts as something that feels a bit akward. And of course, there are many hundred years of conditioning and shaming the female sex. But once we have started, and faced the ideas we have and the shame that is lurking, the change is fast - suddenly it feels totally normal, they can relax, have fun and enjoy. That is one way to describe the experience of modeling to be in Vaginarts, a kind of summary of all the comments I have received over the years. And for me it is a privilege every time.
The motives these women has had ranged from acting on a personal standpoint, a funny thing, a political statement, a different gift, exhibitionism, part of their own personal journey or an artistic contributions.
The women were students, teachers, witches, journalists, therapists, nurses, civil servants, entrepreneurs ... It can be anyone. You, your neighbor, your partner, the girl at checkout, your sister, your boss or your mother.

About being a model

• In addition to some of the galleries, you can read about the models own experiences.

To the right you can see Alexander body painting some of the female participants at The Sexsibility festival.
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Below you can see the transformation from photo to Vaginarts.

100vaginas from…
At the moment I´m focused on starting a project where I want to use my art to give voices women how has had the experience of sexual violence and the shame that is connected to that and our own inner shadow.
You can read more about it
here (in Swedish).

Would you like to be part of Vaginarts?

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